Adventures in a New Land

A walk in the woods


Now that the village had food, water and dry shelter, our heroes decided to focus on themselves. Flint Worked his hunting prowess for a few days, Selina Wayne visited her ‘friends’ in the woods, but Dom and Sorcha were nowhere to be seen. In other developments, Tul Duru entered the village; There were only a few giants in the town, and they went off and claimed a small farmstead on the farming acreage, however, he was removed from that group for some reason.

Several days passed and Flint decided to scout the monastery to the East. The structure was located near some cliffs by the river, had an orchard, beehives, a vegetable garden and an extensive herb garden. It also had a covered patio 20yards x 20 yards that held an armor glad guardsmen with two miniature allies and two floating orbs. They offered “Any may enter, on the worthy may pass.” as they guarded a trap door set in the tiles.
Flint tried his hand out alone, and found himself outmatched and outnumbered, returning to the village barley conscious.

Several more days passed as Flint healed and life became somewhat normal. That normalcy ended when an explosion in the old church woke everybody. Selina Wayne, Flint, and Tul Duru investigated and found Samir and Serjent Yod arguing, about to come to blows over a charred corpse on the ground between them.
Selina Wayne asserted order and placed the priest under house arrest with the help of the rest of the council. Samirr found a female guard lurking about and could sense her for the demon she was, and received powers from his God, Al’kir to smite it. ‘She’ turned into a he that looks humanoid, but whose features are off, notably large eyes and thin and slightly elongated frame. Yod, thinking Samir had just killed one of his men, was furious.

Shortly after, Din’Yobe came in and said that one of his hunters was missing as well, and that she had been acting strange this past day. He found her tracks leading into the woods, and he wanted to lead a search party for his hunter, and Yod’s guard. The three heroes agreed, received provisions, and headed out.

Selina took to scouting, as Din’Yobe kept the main group on course. The first afternoon, Selina spotted a trap-door spider the size of a cart hiding in wait and informed the group who began to skirt around the beast. However, Tul Duru spotted some remains in the creatures den and decided there was loot to be had and went to deal with the thing.

It did not go as planned. The trap-door spider was a tenacious beast as it was large, and the commotion brought two acid spiders in. Tul Duru and Din’Yobe took care of the trap-door while Flint and Selina (with an impressive acrobatic feat) held off the two acid ones until Tul Duru came swinging and throwing his greatsword.

There was in fact loot.

The next day passed unremarkably, Tul Duru spotted a hog nose rat trying to steal food and the heroes had bacon for breakfast.

On the third day they reached the lair of the creatures. Selina spotted the spotter, and the group made an ambush plan, which failed, but thanks to her quick reaction, Selina tripped him up with her bolas and the group interrogated the thing.

Or tried to. He would not talk much, so Tul Duru got into his face, but the thing spit at Duru, who then immediately fell down, unconscious. Flint killed the thing for that.

9 hours later Tul Duru woke up, and conveniently enough the enemy’s watch was about to change. Selina tried her bolas again, but at too good of a luck and the scout cracked his head on a tree and landed wrong on his neck. So she snuck into the camp.

Inside she found where some leaders were talking, arguing about the best approach to take with ‘the ones tracking us’. The three things eventually decided to walk back into their complex, and Selina kidnapped the one on the end and brought him out to be interrogated.
The heroes did not have time, however, because that things presence was missed almost immediately. Some careful negotiations and a bit of trickery ended up finding Tul Duru holding the captive that Selina had captured, and Din’Yobe holding the second scout who was dead, but that the heroes were pretending was unconscious in trade for the two women whom the Changelings had kidnapped.

It was revealed that The Changelings were a male-only race and kidnapped females of other groups to procreate with.

Negotiations went South however. And in the end it was Tul Duru, Flint, and Din’Yobe who ended up slaughtering the entire group of Changelings.

That was when The Changlings children poked their heads out of the entryway. A huge argument about what to do with the children almost had the heroes come to blows with each other. The children ended up sneaking back into the complex, and Selina followed. She caught up with one, left it with some advice and a plan, and then returned to the other three men.


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