Adventures in a New Land

An interim


So we backtracked a bit this session and revisited what happened with Dom and Sorcha.

Sorcha found herself at a magical crossroads or lode point and meditated. There she met a (or the) Goddess of nature and had a discussion involving the aspects of Light, Dark and Shadow. She was given two gifts, a wild talent and a soul mark (Light).

Dom, meanwhile, got tired of all this bullshit and went into the woods to find something worthwhile. He stumbled into a large pond that had an attack going on; several Satyrs were harassing and capturing a water Nymph.
Deciding that a valorous rescue meant a grateful (and nude) lady. His planned worked, and a dead Satyr later he found himself rolling in the pond with the creature.

Meanwhile, Flint, Tul Duru, and Selena were traveling back to the village after the whole changeling incident. Nothing of note happened except to have Sorcha show up and to find Dom nude by the pond with his stuff neatly piled and a blue, waterfilled rock on his chest that acts like a compass to somewhere.
Deciding not to worry too much about that, Flint was able to lure / convince Dom and Tul Duru to go to the monastery to prove their worthiness to the guardian there.

On the way back to the Monastery, the group dropped off Din’Yobe and the two rescued women to the village, and were updated on several occurrences that happened while the heroes were away:

1.) Samir has a new light circle on his forehead and has greater access to his god, Al’kir and has been helping out around town a lot more (apparently getting out of house arrest somehow.

2.) There was a dragon sighting over the river, it ate a 20’ river crocodile and flew off to the swamp.

3.) tools and crap are getting stolen, Dandy is upset, but thats about the extent of it.

4.) a group of armed and armored undead came by a few days ago and said to leave, or be made to leave. They will be back soonish (they didn’t say when) and everyone is generally freaking out save for Samir who is ready to release the wrath of his God against the unclean.

The heroes decided that the Monastery, which seems defensible (walled and by the river cliffs) so off they went.

It was a fairly easy fight to take care of the Guardian and his ‘allies’ and the trap door opened to a basement dungeon. Most of the group went off to explore the monastery and its grounds (fruit trees, veggie gardens, herb gardens, beehives, well and mill, guesthouse / tavern and the church complex itself.) while Tul Duru, the fearless went down into the dungeon solo.
Whilst down there, he was ambushed by a web spitting spider, which he slew, then came upon a small room that had a handful of zombies and an evil looking altar with a blue glowing gem (why always blue?). These zombies, however, seem to be immortal. Even when cut in half, the bodies moved independently and kept attacking. Fearless, but not stupid, he left and closed the trap door on his way out after hearing a howling noise from further within the depths of the dungeon.
The monastery was looked over, all of the loot (booze, cooking utensils, dormitories, writing and library areas, etc.) was accounted for, the heroes planned to head back to the village and decide how to handle this land, and the inherent power that living, and owning, the supplies here beget them.

They arrived back in town, mostly slept, Tul Duru did a stakeout at the supplies area for Dandy and ended up skewering a strange creature that was raiding their supplies. However, before anyone could speculate, morning came and scouts came back reporting that the undead who made the threat a few days ago are coming back……….


Jahoseaphat Jahoseaphat

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