Adventures in a New Land

And so it began...

of how you came to be here, and your first Adventure

Each on of you were minding your own businesses, in your respective nations, kingdoms or regions. When, out of the blue came monstrous and incredible things. A white blinding light then shone shortly after, invading all of your senses…

… You came to standing amidst a group of roughly one hundred people. People who come from places you have never heard from, looking unlike any you have seen before . However, you can all speak and understand each other.
Looking around you found yourselves in the middle of a long decrepit small village. only a handful of buildings remain standing, and barley at that. The atmosphere is dank and humid, leading to the rotted hulks and mould encrusted buildings. A voice called out and implored everyone to meet at one of the two buildings that looked sturdy.

Flint, Sorcha, and Selina stayed to the fringes, opting to scout the immediate area out in their differing ways. Dom decided to attend the meeting.
At the meeting he saw two men, Samir and Siymon. Siymon stepped up and offered that everyone talk to one another and see what kinds of skills we have at our disposal for survival in this new place. Dom left with most of the people back into he town square.

Outside, Sorcha and Selina were investigating the other intact building, a church. The church was boarded up and no clear way to get in, even on the roof (no chimney or eves). It was also boarded up from the outside. Seeing the interest, Dom decided to take his great axe and break in the front door. Several mighty swings later he succeeded. Inside was a smattering of old moldy bones, but farther up there stood a ‘living’ skeleton, which Dom immediately charged and cleft into pieces.

Selina recovered a relic that the skeleton had on him. Dom, Flint and Selena found the stairs to the basement catacombs and begun to investigate while Samir boldly stepped in and declared that he would sanctify this place in the name of his God, Al’kir. At that point, a Skull Spirit appeared and began attacking him. Sorcha tried to assist, but the ghost was immune to physical attacks. Samir, after being ravaged a bit, called on his God for assistance and was given the power of flame, which he used to chase the Spirit off.

In the catacombs, Selina ran back up to see the commotion while Dom and Flint separated in different directions and both were trapped in the rooms they were investigating.
Dom was attacked by twelve skeletons that came out of the crypts, he took some fingers in the back, but came out relatively unharmed.
Flint was in a ceremony room and was investigating the rear chute the bodies were dumped into.

Above, after some interactions with Serjent Yod and Narcyia, Sorcha and Selina went into the catacombs themselves. They dismantled a wooden door, and then came to a magically sealed stone door. Selina used the relic to shatter the ward and then the two women entered the main chamber and there encountered a Wraith. Selina fliped her shit, and Sorcha saw they were outmatched and ran. Selina then came to and also booked it. The ladies stopped outside.

Shortly after that the Wraith materialized into Dom’s room and attacked him. Dom received a deathtouch and then bolted down a small cavern entrance in one of the crypts rooms, while Flint went down the body chute in his room. Hearing the noises of Dom skidding, Flint rushed to investigate. Meanwhile Dom landed in a room with standing slimy water and a gem in the center, going to retrieve it he found that the slime was a Slime. It was then that Flint met up with him and the two found out that flame clears away the slime. The Wraith came after the both of them, and they scrambled up wet walls and into fountains of the main chamber and then ran out of the church.

Once outside the group started to make a plan when the Wraith took the body of Samir that was left in the church, and then three Skull Spirits attacked. The group learned that the relic can damage the Spirits, and the remaining two ran. The party gave chase to kill a Wraith.

In the final battle, The Wraith tripped up Dom, who had the relic attached to his axe, then went to Sorcha to steal her soul. Dom recovered enough to whack the Wraith a mighty blow, but also hurt Sorcha, who fell unconscious.

The session ended with the returning of Samir, the looting of the room by Selina and a nights rest. However upon waking up the players are approached by Siymon and a council of people…


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