Adventures in a New Land

Securing basics


The heroes were welcomed by the villages recently made council: Siymon, Din’Yobe, Narcya, Serjent Yod, and Dandy. Samir was absent, recovering from his injuries.
The council brought up their concerns and wishes, they needed water, but the well was dry and the river full of alligators and giant River Hairs. They needed food, but the farming fields were infested with beetles. they needed shelter, but they had no tools to chop the wood from the forest, and all of the local structures are rotting away from the damp.

Sorcha and Selina suggested that the old church, now clear of enemies be used for housing and Flint mentioned the small pond in the church’s basement. Serjent Yod and Samir, who just walked into the conversation, said that they would claim the church and make it safe for others.

With that decided, Selina went and found a boy toy, Sorcha was escorted to the woods to meditate, and Dom with Flint followed the Road out to the West.
investigating some screaming that Flint heard, the two men found a cave set in a hill that had a bloody and torn up man dragging himself out of. They eventually revealed themselves after weighing their options and entered the cave. after some exploring the two men found themselves on the high ground when an entire wall of the cave burst into flame and the large Hill Cats that lived there attacked. One of the cats leapt and grappled with Dom, who had some difficulties wrestling with it. Flint did battle with his Cat in a more controlled manner, and eventually sent his foe flying off the ten foot cliff, and it ran. Dom, after getting his throat almost torn out dispatched his foe by disemboweling it and cutting it in half. By that time the smoke from the fires had begun to engulf them and so they went down the 10 foot drop, Flint did so badly, and began their escape. However, Dom succumbed to his injuries and was shortly unconscious. Flint dragged his compatriot out using his keen hearing to find the exit and take only minor smoke inhalation. Shortly after that, Sorcha. arrived with some of Yod’s men after seeing the smoke from the village.


Selina, after getting her appetites met enlisted the help of Narcya and Din’Yobe along with a few hunters and some farmhands to clear out the fields for planting. Arriving on the scene Selina boldly stepped out and began killing the beetles, ascertaining that they are roused by vibration. She had heard that there was a large bug, and so she set the villagers to make a pit trap for the thing, and she was going to lure it out. However, the vibration of the digging was all that was needed, and a rather large swarm of the beetle emerged. It was no problem in literally stomping the small ones, but then two of the large beetles showed up. They spit an acid on one of the farmers, but then charged Selina. At first it was Selina, Narcya and Din’Yobe against one, and the rest of the farmers and hunters against the other. [[:selina-wayne Selina]] managed to climb on the back of one, which then tried to roll her as the other bug killed a farmer. She told her allies to all handle one bug, and that she could take the one she was riding, which she did, finding a weak spot and ripping into its soft fleshy body. The second bug saw the tide turn and attempted to run, however, Selina was too agile and quick and leapt at and killed the final one.

The heroes then all met back at the village with wounded and dead. Sorcha convinced Samir to aid them with his God’s power. Seriously injured but undaunted, the party grabbed two of Yod’s men and went back to the caves to figure out the flaming gems that were seen in the cave.
Sorcha used her magic to create a chimney for the smoke that was still pouring out of the cave, but that triggered a collapse, but none were hurt. Again using her magical senses Sorcha found the closest gem lode to the surface, and the guardsmen dug out a node. They learned that any light, of any kind, triggered the gem to burst into flame, so the node was carefully wrapped up and brought back to the village and stored in the cellar of the church to be used for torches, and cooking fires later.

The heroes then tried to get one more nights rest to heal, but healing didn’t really happen…

In the morning the heroes were awakened to the lamentations of a mother and father whose child, Melanie, was missing. Sorcha used her Druidic tracking abilities to lead the group to where the girl was, a pristine magically sealed cabin in the woods. Dom knocked on the door and it opened to reveal and old witch, who invited them in for tea, then business. A girl was in the cabin, which itself had grown to accommodate the group, and the witch, Vila, had the girl, Clover start tea.
Some questions were asked, and avoided by Vila, who made a tea with an herb that Sorcha did not recognize and asked the group to drink. Only Dom drank, and the rest were transported back to the village while Vila conducted business with the only hero left.

An agreement was reached whereby Vila will dry up the village and keep the girl and take on any more willing apprentices like Melanie now Clover. Vila would also keep the group abreast of any information that she finds out about how they all came to be here, and maybe how to return. Vila also told Dom that the sapphire he had was a trapped water elemental for the village well.

So now the village has food growing, plentiful water from the well, some tools and fire for shelter and no immediate threats to survival. Only the coming weeks will see what challenges await the brave heroes and the village.


Jahoseaphat Jahoseaphat

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