Adventures in a New Land

The undead Watchmen


So our heroes got themselves prepared, and talked to the undead watchmen, who had brought along a Kobold Shaman, and a Satyr to add some heft to their forces. Eventually, though Sorcha, it was worked out that the heroes will go and negotiate with this Lord Commander Harrington.

Players made preparations for food and travel, and set off with the Sargent of the watchmen, who was to lead them to the keep. The council was to move all of the villagers of Middenholm (an affection the NPC’s came up with) and bunker down in the monastery.

Setting off on their journey, the heroes were optimistic. Then it rained, for three whole days, slowing progress, the hiking was hard, and small issues kept cropping up like a ravine being in the way, which the Sargent said was not there before, and that things sometimes move in these woods.

Getting through that rough patch the players found a huge wildflower glade, and Sorcha got herself tangled up and dragged through, followed by Selina, but Selina managed to get herself free quickly. Sorcha was trapped in an airtight pod while the rest of the party figured out how to handle this. Tul Duru decided to run right through the flowers to get at the enemy, while Dom started to cleave his way through slowly with he rest of the group behind him.
Quickly enough Selina rescued Sorcha, and Tul Duru slew the plant, and everyone got under way yet again.

More rain, some soggy nights, and a very quick run in with a Gryphon (in which Tul Duru had a run-in with) and our intrepid heroes FINALLY made it to the keep after roughly eight days of travel.

Getting there, they were informed that only a negotiator and two bodyguards were allowed in, so the group was decided and the meeting set.

In the end, it was found that Lord Commander Harrington was facing threats from the centaur, the black brood, the spider queen, and these humans (both our people and some other clan). Harrington was stretched thin, and eventually caved in to an agreement that the Heroes and their village could use the area around the monastery, if they defended it from the centaur and the black brood, AND if they didn’t cause undue damage to the area.

After the meeting, the negotiators met Cecilia Carlyle, a diplomat from the Carlyle Clan, who seemed a little over enthusiastic about meeting and greeting the players and a little zealous about the role humans should play in this world, but the groups parted on more or less amicable grounds.

The heroes have run of the keep for a little while, and Selina tried to castrate Flint and failed, then we called it a night.


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