A stout black priest of the God Al'Kir



He is a pot bellied black man who wears yellow-gold robes. He is devout to his God, Al’kir.

The disposition of Al’kir is unknown, so are how and why you would worship him.

He tried to cleanse the church in the name of his god, but was stopped from doing so. However, his God did give him the power of flame to defend himself.

Later, he used his powers (or his Gods) to blast a Changeling in the guise of a guard, which caused something of an uproar in the town (and with the players).
After that, while the heroes were away, he, or his God, had something happen. Now, Samir sports a white, glowing dot on his forehead and a much greater degree of power from his God.

Currently he is using his powers to help around the village, and is leading his growing congregation to the path of Light. what is troubling is his xenophobic nature.



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