Adventures in a New Land

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And so it began...
of how you came to be here, and your first Adventure

Each on of you were minding your own businesses, in your respective nations, kingdoms or regions. When, out of the blue came monstrous and incredible things. A white blinding light then shone shortly after, invading all of your senses…

… You came to standing amidst a group of roughly one hundred people. People who come from places you have never heard from, looking unlike any you have seen before . However, you can all speak and understand each other.
Looking around you found yourselves in the middle of a long decrepit small village. only a handful of buildings remain standing, and barley at that. The atmosphere is dank and humid, leading to the rotted hulks and mould encrusted buildings. A voice called out and implored everyone to meet at one of the two buildings that looked sturdy.

Flint, Sorcha, and Selina stayed to the fringes, opting to scout the immediate area out in their differing ways. Dom decided to attend the meeting.
At the meeting he saw two men, Samir and Siymon. Siymon stepped up and offered that everyone talk to one another and see what kinds of skills we have at our disposal for survival in this new place. Dom left with most of the people back into he town square.

Outside, Sorcha and Selina were investigating the other intact building, a church. The church was boarded up and no clear way to get in, even on the roof (no chimney or eves). It was also boarded up from the outside. Seeing the interest, Dom decided to take his great axe and break in the front door. Several mighty swings later he succeeded. Inside was a smattering of old moldy bones, but farther up there stood a ‘living’ skeleton, which Dom immediately charged and cleft into pieces.

Selina recovered a relic that the skeleton had on him. Dom, Flint and Selena found the stairs to the basement catacombs and begun to investigate while Samir boldly stepped in and declared that he would sanctify this place in the name of his God, Al’kir. At that point, a Skull Spirit appeared and began attacking him. Sorcha tried to assist, but the ghost was immune to physical attacks. Samir, after being ravaged a bit, called on his God for assistance and was given the power of flame, which he used to chase the Spirit off.

In the catacombs, Selina ran back up to see the commotion while Dom and Flint separated in different directions and both were trapped in the rooms they were investigating.
Dom was attacked by twelve skeletons that came out of the crypts, he took some fingers in the back, but came out relatively unharmed.
Flint was in a ceremony room and was investigating the rear chute the bodies were dumped into.

Above, after some interactions with Serjent Yod and Narcyia, Sorcha and Selina went into the catacombs themselves. They dismantled a wooden door, and then came to a magically sealed stone door. Selina used the relic to shatter the ward and then the two women entered the main chamber and there encountered a Wraith. Selina fliped her shit, and Sorcha saw they were outmatched and ran. Selina then came to and also booked it. The ladies stopped outside.

Shortly after that the Wraith materialized into Dom’s room and attacked him. Dom received a deathtouch and then bolted down a small cavern entrance in one of the crypts rooms, while Flint went down the body chute in his room. Hearing the noises of Dom skidding, Flint rushed to investigate. Meanwhile Dom landed in a room with standing slimy water and a gem in the center, going to retrieve it he found that the slime was a Slime. It was then that Flint met up with him and the two found out that flame clears away the slime. The Wraith came after the both of them, and they scrambled up wet walls and into fountains of the main chamber and then ran out of the church.

Once outside the group started to make a plan when the Wraith took the body of Samir that was left in the church, and then three Skull Spirits attacked. The group learned that the relic can damage the Spirits, and the remaining two ran. The party gave chase to kill a Wraith.

In the final battle, The Wraith tripped up Dom, who had the relic attached to his axe, then went to Sorcha to steal her soul. Dom recovered enough to whack the Wraith a mighty blow, but also hurt Sorcha, who fell unconscious.

The session ended with the returning of Samir, the looting of the room by Selina and a nights rest. However upon waking up the players are approached by Siymon and a council of people…

Securing basics

The heroes were welcomed by the villages recently made council: Siymon, Din’Yobe, Narcya, Serjent Yod, and Dandy. Samir was absent, recovering from his injuries.
The council brought up their concerns and wishes, they needed water, but the well was dry and the river full of alligators and giant River Hairs. They needed food, but the farming fields were infested with beetles. they needed shelter, but they had no tools to chop the wood from the forest, and all of the local structures are rotting away from the damp.

Sorcha and Selina suggested that the old church, now clear of enemies be used for housing and Flint mentioned the small pond in the church’s basement. Serjent Yod and Samir, who just walked into the conversation, said that they would claim the church and make it safe for others.

With that decided, Selina went and found a boy toy, Sorcha was escorted to the woods to meditate, and Dom with Flint followed the Road out to the West.
investigating some screaming that Flint heard, the two men found a cave set in a hill that had a bloody and torn up man dragging himself out of. They eventually revealed themselves after weighing their options and entered the cave. after some exploring the two men found themselves on the high ground when an entire wall of the cave burst into flame and the large Hill Cats that lived there attacked. One of the cats leapt and grappled with Dom, who had some difficulties wrestling with it. Flint did battle with his Cat in a more controlled manner, and eventually sent his foe flying off the ten foot cliff, and it ran. Dom, after getting his throat almost torn out dispatched his foe by disemboweling it and cutting it in half. By that time the smoke from the fires had begun to engulf them and so they went down the 10 foot drop, Flint did so badly, and began their escape. However, Dom succumbed to his injuries and was shortly unconscious. Flint dragged his compatriot out using his keen hearing to find the exit and take only minor smoke inhalation. Shortly after that, Sorcha. arrived with some of Yod’s men after seeing the smoke from the village.


Selina, after getting her appetites met enlisted the help of Narcya and Din’Yobe along with a few hunters and some farmhands to clear out the fields for planting. Arriving on the scene Selina boldly stepped out and began killing the beetles, ascertaining that they are roused by vibration. She had heard that there was a large bug, and so she set the villagers to make a pit trap for the thing, and she was going to lure it out. However, the vibration of the digging was all that was needed, and a rather large swarm of the beetle emerged. It was no problem in literally stomping the small ones, but then two of the large beetles showed up. They spit an acid on one of the farmers, but then charged Selina. At first it was Selina, Narcya and Din’Yobe against one, and the rest of the farmers and hunters against the other. [[:selina-wayne Selina]] managed to climb on the back of one, which then tried to roll her as the other bug killed a farmer. She told her allies to all handle one bug, and that she could take the one she was riding, which she did, finding a weak spot and ripping into its soft fleshy body. The second bug saw the tide turn and attempted to run, however, Selina was too agile and quick and leapt at and killed the final one.

The heroes then all met back at the village with wounded and dead. Sorcha convinced Samir to aid them with his God’s power. Seriously injured but undaunted, the party grabbed two of Yod’s men and went back to the caves to figure out the flaming gems that were seen in the cave.
Sorcha used her magic to create a chimney for the smoke that was still pouring out of the cave, but that triggered a collapse, but none were hurt. Again using her magical senses Sorcha found the closest gem lode to the surface, and the guardsmen dug out a node. They learned that any light, of any kind, triggered the gem to burst into flame, so the node was carefully wrapped up and brought back to the village and stored in the cellar of the church to be used for torches, and cooking fires later.

The heroes then tried to get one more nights rest to heal, but healing didn’t really happen…

In the morning the heroes were awakened to the lamentations of a mother and father whose child, Melanie, was missing. Sorcha used her Druidic tracking abilities to lead the group to where the girl was, a pristine magically sealed cabin in the woods. Dom knocked on the door and it opened to reveal and old witch, who invited them in for tea, then business. A girl was in the cabin, which itself had grown to accommodate the group, and the witch, Vila, had the girl, Clover start tea.
Some questions were asked, and avoided by Vila, who made a tea with an herb that Sorcha did not recognize and asked the group to drink. Only Dom drank, and the rest were transported back to the village while Vila conducted business with the only hero left.

An agreement was reached whereby Vila will dry up the village and keep the girl and take on any more willing apprentices like Melanie now Clover. Vila would also keep the group abreast of any information that she finds out about how they all came to be here, and maybe how to return. Vila also told Dom that the sapphire he had was a trapped water elemental for the village well.

So now the village has food growing, plentiful water from the well, some tools and fire for shelter and no immediate threats to survival. Only the coming weeks will see what challenges await the brave heroes and the village.

A walk in the woods

Now that the village had food, water and dry shelter, our heroes decided to focus on themselves. Flint Worked his hunting prowess for a few days, Selina Wayne visited her ‘friends’ in the woods, but Dom and Sorcha were nowhere to be seen. In other developments, Tul Duru entered the village; There were only a few giants in the town, and they went off and claimed a small farmstead on the farming acreage, however, he was removed from that group for some reason.

Several days passed and Flint decided to scout the monastery to the East. The structure was located near some cliffs by the river, had an orchard, beehives, a vegetable garden and an extensive herb garden. It also had a covered patio 20yards x 20 yards that held an armor glad guardsmen with two miniature allies and two floating orbs. They offered “Any may enter, on the worthy may pass.” as they guarded a trap door set in the tiles.
Flint tried his hand out alone, and found himself outmatched and outnumbered, returning to the village barley conscious.

Several more days passed as Flint healed and life became somewhat normal. That normalcy ended when an explosion in the old church woke everybody. Selina Wayne, Flint, and Tul Duru investigated and found Samir and Serjent Yod arguing, about to come to blows over a charred corpse on the ground between them.
Selina Wayne asserted order and placed the priest under house arrest with the help of the rest of the council. Samirr found a female guard lurking about and could sense her for the demon she was, and received powers from his God, Al’kir to smite it. ‘She’ turned into a he that looks humanoid, but whose features are off, notably large eyes and thin and slightly elongated frame. Yod, thinking Samir had just killed one of his men, was furious.

Shortly after, Din’Yobe came in and said that one of his hunters was missing as well, and that she had been acting strange this past day. He found her tracks leading into the woods, and he wanted to lead a search party for his hunter, and Yod’s guard. The three heroes agreed, received provisions, and headed out.

Selina took to scouting, as Din’Yobe kept the main group on course. The first afternoon, Selina spotted a trap-door spider the size of a cart hiding in wait and informed the group who began to skirt around the beast. However, Tul Duru spotted some remains in the creatures den and decided there was loot to be had and went to deal with the thing.

It did not go as planned. The trap-door spider was a tenacious beast as it was large, and the commotion brought two acid spiders in. Tul Duru and Din’Yobe took care of the trap-door while Flint and Selina (with an impressive acrobatic feat) held off the two acid ones until Tul Duru came swinging and throwing his greatsword.

There was in fact loot.

The next day passed unremarkably, Tul Duru spotted a hog nose rat trying to steal food and the heroes had bacon for breakfast.

On the third day they reached the lair of the creatures. Selina spotted the spotter, and the group made an ambush plan, which failed, but thanks to her quick reaction, Selina tripped him up with her bolas and the group interrogated the thing.

Or tried to. He would not talk much, so Tul Duru got into his face, but the thing spit at Duru, who then immediately fell down, unconscious. Flint killed the thing for that.

9 hours later Tul Duru woke up, and conveniently enough the enemy’s watch was about to change. Selina tried her bolas again, but at too good of a luck and the scout cracked his head on a tree and landed wrong on his neck. So she snuck into the camp.

Inside she found where some leaders were talking, arguing about the best approach to take with ‘the ones tracking us’. The three things eventually decided to walk back into their complex, and Selina kidnapped the one on the end and brought him out to be interrogated.
The heroes did not have time, however, because that things presence was missed almost immediately. Some careful negotiations and a bit of trickery ended up finding Tul Duru holding the captive that Selina had captured, and Din’Yobe holding the second scout who was dead, but that the heroes were pretending was unconscious in trade for the two women whom the Changelings had kidnapped.

It was revealed that The Changelings were a male-only race and kidnapped females of other groups to procreate with.

Negotiations went South however. And in the end it was Tul Duru, Flint, and Din’Yobe who ended up slaughtering the entire group of Changelings.

That was when The Changlings children poked their heads out of the entryway. A huge argument about what to do with the children almost had the heroes come to blows with each other. The children ended up sneaking back into the complex, and Selina followed. She caught up with one, left it with some advice and a plan, and then returned to the other three men.

An interim

So we backtracked a bit this session and revisited what happened with Dom and Sorcha.

Sorcha found herself at a magical crossroads or lode point and meditated. There she met a (or the) Goddess of nature and had a discussion involving the aspects of Light, Dark and Shadow. She was given two gifts, a wild talent and a soul mark (Light).

Dom, meanwhile, got tired of all this bullshit and went into the woods to find something worthwhile. He stumbled into a large pond that had an attack going on; several Satyrs were harassing and capturing a water Nymph.
Deciding that a valorous rescue meant a grateful (and nude) lady. His planned worked, and a dead Satyr later he found himself rolling in the pond with the creature.

Meanwhile, Flint, Tul Duru, and Selena were traveling back to the village after the whole changeling incident. Nothing of note happened except to have Sorcha show up and to find Dom nude by the pond with his stuff neatly piled and a blue, waterfilled rock on his chest that acts like a compass to somewhere.
Deciding not to worry too much about that, Flint was able to lure / convince Dom and Tul Duru to go to the monastery to prove their worthiness to the guardian there.

On the way back to the Monastery, the group dropped off Din’Yobe and the two rescued women to the village, and were updated on several occurrences that happened while the heroes were away:

1.) Samir has a new light circle on his forehead and has greater access to his god, Al’kir and has been helping out around town a lot more (apparently getting out of house arrest somehow.

2.) There was a dragon sighting over the river, it ate a 20’ river crocodile and flew off to the swamp.

3.) tools and crap are getting stolen, Dandy is upset, but thats about the extent of it.

4.) a group of armed and armored undead came by a few days ago and said to leave, or be made to leave. They will be back soonish (they didn’t say when) and everyone is generally freaking out save for Samir who is ready to release the wrath of his God against the unclean.

The heroes decided that the Monastery, which seems defensible (walled and by the river cliffs) so off they went.

It was a fairly easy fight to take care of the Guardian and his ‘allies’ and the trap door opened to a basement dungeon. Most of the group went off to explore the monastery and its grounds (fruit trees, veggie gardens, herb gardens, beehives, well and mill, guesthouse / tavern and the church complex itself.) while Tul Duru, the fearless went down into the dungeon solo.
Whilst down there, he was ambushed by a web spitting spider, which he slew, then came upon a small room that had a handful of zombies and an evil looking altar with a blue glowing gem (why always blue?). These zombies, however, seem to be immortal. Even when cut in half, the bodies moved independently and kept attacking. Fearless, but not stupid, he left and closed the trap door on his way out after hearing a howling noise from further within the depths of the dungeon.
The monastery was looked over, all of the loot (booze, cooking utensils, dormitories, writing and library areas, etc.) was accounted for, the heroes planned to head back to the village and decide how to handle this land, and the inherent power that living, and owning, the supplies here beget them.

They arrived back in town, mostly slept, Tul Duru did a stakeout at the supplies area for Dandy and ended up skewering a strange creature that was raiding their supplies. However, before anyone could speculate, morning came and scouts came back reporting that the undead who made the threat a few days ago are coming back……….

The undead Watchmen

So our heroes got themselves prepared, and talked to the undead watchmen, who had brought along a Kobold Shaman, and a Satyr to add some heft to their forces. Eventually, though Sorcha, it was worked out that the heroes will go and negotiate with this Lord Commander Harrington.

Players made preparations for food and travel, and set off with the Sargent of the watchmen, who was to lead them to the keep. The council was to move all of the villagers of Middenholm (an affection the NPC’s came up with) and bunker down in the monastery.

Setting off on their journey, the heroes were optimistic. Then it rained, for three whole days, slowing progress, the hiking was hard, and small issues kept cropping up like a ravine being in the way, which the Sargent said was not there before, and that things sometimes move in these woods.

Getting through that rough patch the players found a huge wildflower glade, and Sorcha got herself tangled up and dragged through, followed by Selina, but Selina managed to get herself free quickly. Sorcha was trapped in an airtight pod while the rest of the party figured out how to handle this. Tul Duru decided to run right through the flowers to get at the enemy, while Dom started to cleave his way through slowly with he rest of the group behind him.
Quickly enough Selina rescued Sorcha, and Tul Duru slew the plant, and everyone got under way yet again.

More rain, some soggy nights, and a very quick run in with a Gryphon (in which Tul Duru had a run-in with) and our intrepid heroes FINALLY made it to the keep after roughly eight days of travel.

Getting there, they were informed that only a negotiator and two bodyguards were allowed in, so the group was decided and the meeting set.

In the end, it was found that Lord Commander Harrington was facing threats from the centaur, the black brood, the spider queen, and these humans (both our people and some other clan). Harrington was stretched thin, and eventually caved in to an agreement that the Heroes and their village could use the area around the monastery, if they defended it from the centaur and the black brood, AND if they didn’t cause undue damage to the area.

After the meeting, the negotiators met Cecilia Carlyle, a diplomat from the Carlyle Clan, who seemed a little over enthusiastic about meeting and greeting the players and a little zealous about the role humans should play in this world, but the groups parted on more or less amicable grounds.

The heroes have run of the keep for a little while, and Selina tried to castrate Flint and failed, then we called it a night.


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