centaur and minotaur

Centaur and their Minotaur leaders are nomadic tribals. It is tough living out on the plains and these creatures are tough enough to do so while under the threat of harpies, dragons and other things. While all one unified tribe in theory, most of the tribes live and work separately, each led by a Minotaur.


ST. 18 Hp. 18
DX. 12 per. 10
IQ. 9 will. 11
HT. 12 Fp. 12
Speed. 6 move. 9 SM +1 weight. 1,000lbs
dodge. 12 Parry. 10 DR var. ~2

bow(14) 2d+1 imp. Acc 3
Axe (14) 3d+1 Range: 1
Hooves (12) 1d+3 cr Reach: C
Lasso (14)

  • May also have spears, or throwing axes, or other nomadic weapons.
  • Shamans exist.


ST. 22 Hp. 30
DX. 13 per. 11
IQ. 8 will. 9
HT. 13 Fp. 13
Speed. 6.5 Move. 7 SM+1 weight: 1,800lbs
Dodge. 10 Parry. 12 DR. 3+ 2 attacks.

Gore (13) 4d cr (slam) 4d imp (lance or gore)
Halberd (14) Axe side: 4d+5 cut Reach: 2,3
Pick side: 4d+4 imp. Reach: 2,3 may get stuck
pike top: 2d+3 imp. Reach: 1,2


centaur and minotaur

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