giant spider(s)

Giant spiders come in many different forms, sizes and have different powers and strengths and weaknesses. Most have some natural DR due to their exoskeleton, but some do not.

One of the good things is that, most of the time, just because a spider is giant, does not mean that their poison is any more potent than a regular sized one (there are exceptions).

Most of the time, these guys are apex predators, feeding off of anything they see fit to. Some varieties include:

‘longlegs’ – these type have no venom or web, but can stride over the heads of a normal man. Their spindly legs make very little noise, so they ambush, impale their prey with their sharp fangs and let them bleed out.

‘trapdoor’ – these are heavily armored tarantula looking spiders, they have a paralysis poison. They lay in wait, under the ground or in cubbyholes (more like caves) and when prey walks by they strike, paralyze their prey then eat.

‘traditional’ – these are the mall climbing, web spinning type. No (or low level) poisons, they prefer to trap their prey, and when it is exhausted, strike and eat.


giant spider(s)

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