Harpies are crazy, horny and vicious creatures. It is nearly impossible to tell if one will fly over and fuck you, or tear you apart, or do the first, then the second. Harpies are female Roc’s, so harpies can give birth to either another harpy, or a fully bird Roc male.

Harpies can also form up in different looking variations, mostly depending on what it is that they have mated with. They can be mostly human looking with large wings, or mostly bird looking with only a human face and breasts.

Harpies are generally swarm creatures and will perform hit and run attacks, drop things on people, or just mob them with all out attacks.


ST. 7 Hp. 10
DX. 14 will. 8
IQ. 8 per. 13
HT. 10 Fp. 10
speed. 6.50 move. 6/12 SM -1 weight. 50lbs.
BL-10/20 (for dropping things)
Dodge. 11

talon (14) 1d cut. Reach, C
Beak (19) 1d-1 Lg.Pi.
Kiiiii (12) target rolls at will or be stunned.


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