River beasts

River lizards

ST. 22 Hp. 20
DX. 14 will. 10
IQ. 3 per. 10
HT. 13 Fp. 13
speed. 6.75 move. 4/8 SM +2 weight. 1,500 lbs
dodge. 9 DR 4/1

Bite (14) 2d+1 cut Reach: C automatically initiates grapple
Tail (14) 2d cr Reach: 1 – rear only.

  • Tends to drag victims into the river to drown them…
  • This is a female, males are larger, and there is usually an alpha…

River hairs

The ‘hairs’ actual looks are almost unknown. They feed off of some river weed and algae and fish and mollusk and anything else that gets in its area. When underwater they resemble large fluff balls of hair, when on land they are slow, but still deadly with large mouths with crushing molars, and stubby jutting teeth for impaling.

ST. 24 Hp. 25
DX. 8 per. 10
IQ. 2 will. 10
HT. 14 Fp. 14
speed. 5.5 move. 2/5 SM+2 weight 2,000 lbs (1 ton)
Dodge. 5 DR3 -Homogeneous because of hair…
bite (14) 3d cr. Reach C
Gore (13) 3d imp Reach, C

  • critters and misc*
  • daggerfish. 2-4 ft. long fish with teeth. annoying for fishermen alone, but they get aggressive in groups and attack large prey.
  • Silk mollusk. these large mollusks have a hard shell for protection, and has a toxic plume it can spew as a last resort. It hunts by opening its shell, and when a fish comes to nibble, it closes and severs the creature in half and digests it slowly. Has bone pearls and river silk as valuable items harvested off of it.

River beasts

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