Swamp critters


ST. 5 Hp. 5
DX. 10 per. 11
IQ. 2 Will. 8
HT. 8 Fp. n/a
speed. 4.25 move. 4 SM -2
Dodge. 9

Bite (14) 1d-3, follow up ???? ? ??

Nasty creatures that come in groups or even hoards. They can climb up onto their victims and even get into gaps of armor to get at people where they cannot reach. Armor protects for turns = DR before the rats break in or find a gap to squeeze through.


ST.7 Hp. 15
DX. 10 per. 10
IQ. 3 will. 10
HT. 12 Fp. 12
speed. 5.50 move 4 SM -1 weight 100lbs. (fat)
Dodge. 7

Tongue (18) ????
may Grapple attack @ ST 11. follow up automatic bite that does ??????

Toads are ornery buggers that sit in wait for things to come across their way, then sting them and ??? until it or its family can then move in for the kill.


Leaping leeches
ST: 0 HP: 1
DX: 16 Will: 10
IQ: 1 Per: 10
HT: 10 FP: 10
Speed: 6.50 Move: 1 SM: -9
Dodge: 9 DR: 0

Leaping (16): Up to 4 yards! Against an armored victim,
this targets the face (at -5) or eyes (at -9).
Leeches can cluster on body parts; only one can fit
on a human-sized eye, but there’s no practical
limit to how many can cling to limbs, extremities,
or the head. The leap does no damage, but . . .

Leeching: This attack cannot penetrate any DR,
even that with the Tough Skin modifier. One second
after hitting bare flesh, though, the leech
begins to suck blood. It inflicts 1 HP per second
for 1d-2 seconds (minimum 1). Then it’s gorged
and drops off.

: A leech that steals 2 HP or more has +1 to SM – and if such a distended leech is killed, it bursts, showering everything nearby with gore. Anyone (except other leeches!) within one yard must roll vs. HT to avoid being blinded for 1d-3 seconds (minimum 1). A safer option is to pick it off, but leeches are slimy and difficult to remove.
Grabbing a leech in one second requires a DX roll, at -9 for SM; carefully doing so takes two seconds but requires no roll. Then roll vs. ST at -3 to pull it off; this inflicts 1 HP of injury. Even 1 point of ? damage will make the leech let go.


ST. 18 Hp. 20
DX. 14 will. 10
IQ. 3 per. 12
HT. 12 Fp. -
speed. 6.5 move. 6 SM +2
Dodge. 9 DR 3

Bite (16) 1d-1 imp, automatically grapples if hits. if DR is penetrated roll for ?
constrict (16) damage = snake ST (19) v victim ST or HT. margin of victory in crush dam.

Swamp critters

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