The Changlings

Changelings are sentient creatures from the Woods. They are cautious and careful beings, but will fight tooth and claw to defend themselves if needed. Their appearance can change apparently at will, and their voices can mimic those of their victims. However, they are an aline culture and do not do so well acting as the person they have taken.

There are no female Changelings, the only way they reproduce is by stealing a female from some other race and bringing her back to their lair to impregnate. They accomplish this by scouting the area first and picking a target, and then, usually at night, they sneak into the enemy camp. They can secrete a toxin that can put an individual to sleep for hours per dose. They then take the person between them and Hike back to their lair.
Meanwhile one stays behind and impersonates the victim for a day or more to give the group more of a head start in case they are followed by vengeful groups.

Changelings are good at local knowledge of the area, are adept at picking up languages, and good at traveling (hiking) stealthiness, setting traps, and camouflage.


The Changlings

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