Wraiths are incorporeal beings with a bad attitude. They are generally seen commanding other undead. It is currently unknown if Wraiths are a dead person enchanted, or are a ‘natural’ phenomenon. It is also unknown if they can be negotiated with…

St- 15 Hp- 20
DX- 10 Will- 10
IQ- 10 Per- 10
HT- 15 FP- 15

Speed. 6.25
Dodge. 9 DR- 4

Clutching fingers 1d clutching.
Steal vitality (14)
Deathtouch (14)
ethereal body (14)

Horrific, Bloodlust, Callous, disturbing voice, does not eat, breath or drink, immune to metabolic hazards, Injury tolerance, Magery 1, night vision 9, Supernatural durability, Temp tolerance, unfazeable, unhealing*.



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