Welcome to your new home!


check out the “adventure Log” tab to see what we/you have been up to (or to look back to see if you forgot about something, someone or someplace) or to catch back up before we play!


the wiki
That tab is all about the maps, your people, NPC’s, monsters and other races and things that pop up. you will find pics of the things you have seen, some information on them, and maybe even their stats.


Is all about you! I’ll be trying to update them somewhat frequently to reflect the points you have spent to buy off disadvantages, buy new advantages, update skills and all of that stuff.


Sucks. It is there, but this site does not support a good map system. I have one posted on the wiki as well, but that one you cannot zoom into either. I will be trying to think up ways to improve this function.


Adventures in a New Land

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